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Waxing Services

Arm Wax​  ​— Entire Length of arms. Does not include underarms. 

Back Wax​ — Includes the length of the back.

Bikini Wax​  — Includes 4 fingers width from the natural bikini line and 2 fingers width from the top.

Brow Wax​  — Brow shaping that includes a trim, wax, and tweeze.

Chest Wax​  — Include the pectoral muscles from the start of the collar bone. Does not include stomach.

Chin Wax​  — Includes the chin

Full Leg Wax​ — Upper and lower legs. Includes the knees, feet, and toes. Does not include bikini line.

Half Leg Wax​  — Includes the lower legs, knees, feet, and toes.

Lip Wax​ — Includes upper lip.

Nose Wax​ — Inside of the nostrils

Stomach Wax​ — Includes the length of the stomach, including stomach strip. Does not include the chest.

Underarm Wax​  — Includes the underarms. Does not include the upper arm.

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